Terms and Conditions


This page gives you informations about Akuto Enterprise Ltd (“Akuto”, “we”, “us”) and these legal terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”, “Agreement”, “Contract”) on our products and services that we provide to you (“Customer”, “you”, “client”).

These terms and conditions will apply when you will complete any purchase on our website. It is important for you to read these terms and conditions before ordering any products or services from us.

1. Definitions

1.1 Working Day means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

1.2 Contract means an agreement between you and us.

2. Extra interventions

2.1 During or after the providing our products and services, any changes and/or intervents, not provided for in this contract, whether they are of a technical, graphic or consulting nature, they will be budgeted based on our list prices.

2.2 It will be at our discretion to make such interventions during or after the delivery of the purchased products or services.

3. Delivery of key materials to Akuto

3.1 After receiving the order Akuto will contact you within 24/48 hours by sending via e-mail the list of all the requested material. He will also ask you to choose a domain name for which Akuto will check availability.

3.2 The provision of services are strictly dependent on the delivery by the customer of all materials requested by Akuto, preferably by E-Mail at sales@akuto.co.uk.

3.3 The beginning of the works will start as soon as all requested material will be delivered by the customer to Akuto.

3.4 The delivery of the material by the customer after 5 working days will compromise the delivery of the services itself on the date on which Akuto will establish.

4. General description of products and services

4.1 The services includes the creation and configuration of a website with graphic and contents customizations based on WordPress and any relate products. In order to offer a fast reliable service Akuto reserves the right to choose for the customer the type of template to be used, whether free or paid, by third parties or not.

4.2 The customer has the ability to customize his product at the time of purchase, the starting price is £549.00 for the first year, this price may vary depending on what the customer will choose during the purchase. The sum must be paid in advance and the coverage of the amount indicated will last for one year. The next point will describe the annual maintenance and support fees.

4.3 Below the price list for the annual maintenance and service fees:
a) Akuto Go: £99.00/year (€109.00 or $129.00)
b) Akuto EasyGrow: £149.00/year (€169.00 or $189.00)
c) Akuto ProHD: Coming soon.
The service includes: domain renewal, backup service, support

4.4 Akuto will check for you the availability of the domain name you choosen, the service is included in the package.

4.5 The delivery date may change if, after checking the availability of the domain name, it is unavailable. In this case, the customer can choose a new domain name just replying to the notification name. In any case, Akuto will provide a domain name list to the customer.

5. Hosting

5.1 We offer full hosting and maintenance services, we will host your website on third-party servers. Hosting servers could be inoperative or due to technical issues, failures, maintenance or upgrade or other causes and Akuto will have no liability as the server belongs to third parties.

5.2 In the event of problems that could compromise the supply of one or more service on our part, we will notify you as soon as practicable and enter into contact with third-party technicians in order to restore our service as soon as possible.

5.3 The customer will receive a communication from Akuto 14 days before the expiry of the services. In the event that the customer fails to pay the renewal within the set deadline or fails to request a backup within 30 days of the deadline, Akuto will not be in any way responsible for any loss of data, domain or stored files.

5.4 We offer to you a registered domain name as .co.uk, .com, .net, .org as part of our service, we purchase, manage, renew and host your website on our third-party hosting servers on your behalf until the deadline of our contract with you.

5.5 You can transfer your domain to third parties whenever you want, you will be the registered legal owner of the domain name. We will provide to you the authinfo code to proceed with the transfer, providing that you have no outstanding debts to us. We are no responsible for any third-party costs incurred by trasferring a domain name to another hosting solution.

5.6 The price paid at the time of purchase commits Akuto to schedule your project. Upon receipt of the request, Akuto will immediately register the domain, for this reason, the cost of the domain will not be refundable. It will remain in your name until its expiration.

6. Duration, conclusion and withdrawal

6.1 This contract will be effective from the moment of the purchase of a product or service by the customer and will remain valid for 12 months.

6.2 At the end of the twelfth month the customer can decide whether to renew the ccontract in order to keep the services purchased. In the event that the customer decides not to renew the contract, he can send an E-Mail to sales@akuto.co.uk at least 30 days before the deadline in order to allow Akuto to deliver a backup of all contents and database.

7. Payment methods

7.1 The customer can pay by bank transfer or PayPal on the site itself, no other type of payment will be accepted.

7.2 You have the right to get a 100% refund of the upfront payment made in case of:
a) We are unable to complete the project based on the project specifications.
b) You want to cancel the project within 24 hours of making the payment.
No refunds will be given if:
a) Project delays are caused by a lack of communication on your part.
b) After 24 hours after receiving the request.

8. License terms

8.1 Through this contract Akuto assigns to the customer a non-exclusive right to use the work described in the point 4.

8.2 The customer is authorized to:
a) Use the works until the deadline expires.
b) Allow the use of the works by third-parties, within limits of what normale use allows, without giving access to any sources.

8.3 The customer is not authorized to:
a) Assign sub-licenses, rent, resell or otherwise transfer the works or parts of it.

8.4 Any third-party works used by Akuto retain their licenses.

9. Liability

9.1 The customer retains full ownership of the data and materials provided by him (contents, logos, trademarks, audiovisual material, documents, graphics and more), even if they are, without the knowledge of Akuto, sensitive, personal or covered by any copyright.

9.2 The customer assumes all responsibility for their management, with express exemption from Akuto from any responsibility and burden of verification and/or control in this regard.

9.3 The customer uses the services at his own risk, exempting Akuto from any party for legal or administrative disputes, indirect, specific, incidental, punitive, cautionary or consequential damages (for example: damages in case of impossibility of use or access to services, loss or corruption of data, profits, image damage and more).

9.4 The customer exempts Akuto from any liability for any malfunctioning of the services caused by technical problems on the servers, routers, telephone lines, computer networks, owned by it or companies selected to provide what is provided in this contract.

9.5 The customer exempts Akuto from any liability for data loss, accidental dissemination of personal or sensitive data and any other type of damage that occurs as a result of attacks by hacker, thieves, crackers, virus, etc.

9.6 In the event that the customer requires assistance in resolving problems caused by him/her or by third-parties, the rates in use by Akuto in the current period will be applied.

9.7 The customer exempts Akuto from any responsability for the non-renewal of domain or hosting where the project is allocated as well as any other service associated with it (E-Mail, Subdomains, etc.)

10. Processing of personal data

10.1 For any informations related personal data please, visit our privacy policy page.