Akuto Lesto.


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Akuto Lesto. is the software that all stores and businesses have been waiting for.

Quick and easy will allow you to manage your business in the best possible way. It was not created by simple programmers or development team, it was created by those with direct experience in the field and knows exactly what you need. In turn, the software is divided into different sub-software to manage access and management.


Lesto.Administration. will allow you to manage all the administrative aspects of your business: checking invoices, reports, employee roles, target sales control, employee communications, support tickets.


Lesto.Store. it’s an excellent tool to manage the sales of your store, thanks to its cloud connection with the warehouse it will always be updated on the variations of your articles, your sales assistants will only have to scan the product and complete the order.


Manage the warehouse from a single control panel, you can monitor your store or your multiple stores.


Don’t lose your earnings anymore, you have updated the price of an item but are you tired of having to change the labels for every single item? Akuto Lesto.Scan. takes care of it. Thanks to QR Codes, the customer can scan the code with his smartphone and get the exact cost of the item in real time, but there’s more, thanks to a simple Click, if the item is available in Stock, he can proceed with the purchase by paying with ApplePay or GooglePay.


Do you offer assistance services? Do you own a workshop? Don’t worry, thanks to the unified system you will be able to manage support requests directly from the software, the assistance team will be able to provide quotes and turn them into invoices, the work will be halved and the efficiency doubled!

Just stay tuned, something really cool is coming soon.

Akuto Lesto it’s gonna be ready in 2020.

Akuto Enterprise Ltd

Akuto wants to demonstrate how technology can change people’s lives in any circumstance, professional or playful we are always on your side. Akuto, like technology, is always moving forward.

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