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Say hello to the Dr.Why, the best quiz game live for pubs. Find out more.

Dr. Why is an interactive quiz game perfect for your pub, we just started to offer our service in London and in the whole United Kingdom.

Dr.Why UK gives the possibility to the customers of clubs or pubs to live the emotion of the TV quizzes like “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The fun reaches highest level because the teams are constantly fighting against the time and against other players.

The evening is managed by a presenter who reads the questions projected on the screens, comments on the results and offers gadgets to the best players. Those who lead the evening can choose the type of the game, te difficulty and the “crazy” questions for the evening.

The idea.

How many times in front of a TV Quiz did you say “I know!”?
So to give you the satisfaction you need, many years ago an idea was born called Dr.Why by Creativa, the quiz game for the most popular pubs in Europe.

How to play?

Playing Dr.Why is very simple, you need to call your friends and create a team, find an Dr.Why event in our where to play page so ask to our staff to register your team. Oh, fon’t forget to choose a fantastic name!

Let’s go, start to play Dr.Why!

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