Who is Akuto?

Simply those who love what they do.

Interactive Digital Agency

Headquartered in London, we are obsessed with technology. We strongly believe that technology can change people's lives, as it is already doing. Our team, with over 15 years of experience in the field, makes all their knowledge and experience available to grow small and medium-sized businesses on the web and beyond.

We also offer quiz solution services for pubs, restaurants or businesses. Surely you are wondering how it is possible to trade in two such different markets at the same time.
The answer is simple, with creativity and innovation.

Or as we like to call it, innovativity.

Meet our team

Alessio Amaro
CEO & Founder
Software Developer

Davide Amaro
CTO & Director
Hardware Technologies

Fabio D'Anzi
Business Manager
Marketing Communications

Bruno Gurnari
Sales Manager
Marketing Analyst

Michele Catalano
HR Manager
Databases and Contents

Sam Hotson
Official Speaker

Greer Rankin
Quiz Department

Emanuele Virzì
Web Department

Cristin Ursu
Web Department
Junior Developer