How important is the extension of an e-commerce?

E-commerce grows in number and sales every year. This leads companies to choose the way of the web and to buy e-commerce.

So how important is it to choose the name of the domain?

The first extension we instinctively think of is .com, for commercial activities.

However, we must not overlook other extensions such as .shop, .store or .online.

  • The .shop identifies a medium-small shop and adapts to any type of business.
  • The .store, on the other hand, tends to identify a large shop or warehouses and therefore attributable to wholesale activities.
  • The .online is used a lot for shops that want to send a sort of virtual showcase on the web as if they had a second store that can be visited, however, directly seated in the living room.

Now if you buy e-commerce you will do it knowing which domain extension is the best for you, then contact Akuto for your free quote and start selling online immediately.

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