Transferring a domain, ten useful tips.

Services - Users interfaces - Price

Let’s start by saying that, often domain providers are very similar, so how do you choose the best one? We can narrow it down by looking at three factors:

  • Services offered
  • User interfaces
  • Price

You may make mistakes the first time you buy a domain that could cause you to switch host. This could create further problems for the user or mistakes, especially for the less experienced. So I have created this guide which could be very useful.

First, we check the ‘Whois’ information. This is a service that collects all the domain information. This is important for the transfer, your domain must be verified and if it is protected by “Whois” privacy, it must be deactivated.

Later we will work to block the domain and prevent any unauthorised transfer attempts.Checking it is simple by checking the setting (located in the control panel). In order to proceed with the transfer, we will also need a code called Authinfo / Authcode / Epp, which will be requested by email. Finally we can contact the new provider with our Authinfo code from the appropriate section for the transfer.

After purchasing the domain, this may require a reconfiguration of the DNS, to reestablish the connection between the domain and the server hosting the site’s files.

An important tip I can give you is to transfer the domain at least thirty days before the deadline, this is to prevent the site from going down during the transfer process.

Once transferred, most domains will apply the sixty-day rule. According to which it is not possible:

  • To transfer a domain within the first sixty days of its registration.
  • Within sixty days of another transfer.
  • Within sixty days of changes to the registrant’s data.

Now that you have more ideas and information on how to transfer a domain, what are you waiting for?

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