Keeping your E-Commerce Customers

The importance of getting in touch

The e-commerce network today attracts many new customers, so what is the difference between who has a successful e-commerce store and who does not?

According to various studies, customers loyalty leads to an increase in sales. The acquisition of a new customer can cost up to seven times more than maintaining an existing one. So a good strategy is keep in touch with the customer and give them a reason to come back. A great way to do this in through an email newsletter, so you can send news and promotions straight to their inbox. Some examples can be welcome email or birthday email.

Another fundamental aspect is Customer Service. Which must be efficient, able to listen to customers and do everything possible to solve any problem that has occurred.

For engaged and encourage the customers to leave a feedback, another huge slice of the sales market is to take advantage of social media such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

To concluded company must be able to handle difficult situations such as an unsatisfied customer. They must also improve the deficient aspects of the service and by retaining the customer through surveys and offers. These procedures will help to facilitate the customer regain confidence in your company.

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