Google Ads: How Google manages keywords related to our ads.

Google Ads is too confident about the undestanding ability of artificial intelligence developed by google in these years?

It seems a specious question. A precise answer to which question would be very important to understand if we can still trust the management of keywords on the advertising platform Google Ads.

Google Ads allows you to link our ads to certain searches on Google. Therefore, if we are a home ceramics dealer, we can decide to appear with certain searches, for example, when someone is locking for “Coffee cups”. We will pay a certain amount (starting from a few pennies per click on our ad to a specific budget for the ad campaign)

There are various ways to tell Google Ads that we want to be found with specific keywords.

General corrispondence: Coffee cups

We want to be found when someone is looking for ‘Coffee Cups’ or similar phrases and Google Ads understands that. For our purposes, it will be fine to be present in the search even when a user is looking for ‘Cups’, ‘Coffee Cups’, ‘Coffee Services’… But be carefull!

Google gives the following guidance: ‘This includes spelling mistakes, synonyms, related searches and other relevant variants.’ – Relevant variants include the meanings that Google Ads understands. For example are Bar Accessories is relevant? Yer… or maybe no… If we are in a shop that sells cups to the customers, our customer are not a bar and therefore there is a risk that the ads will appear and be clicked on by searches that are not relevant to our business.


We want found when someone is looking for ‘Porcelain Coffee Cups’; or ‘Coloured Coffee Cups’, therefore we indicate to Google that the search that will make our ad appear must contain the phrase ‘Coffee Cups’, followed or preceded by other words. It seems that as safe as houses but here also problems can arise, because Google tries to understand if the search is valid to make our ad appear by obtaining reasoning for keywords, historical searches and behaviour of competitors.

Exact corrispondence: [Coffee cups]

In this search only the indicated words are considered, as a result we are not interested in a searches that combine similar words, synonyms or relevant elements.

Modifier generic corrispondence: +Coffee +Cups

In this case, unlike the generic search, only sentences containing the two words indicated will be found, thus excluding searches with similar words, for example ‘Coffee Service’.

In conclusion, therefore, are we destined to be conveyed by Google’s artificial intelligence? Obviously not, there are many ways and methodologies to convey the research as we want it. For this there are experts in the sector that study every day to offer impeccable indexing services to help companies grow.

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