Do I need a maintenance package?

What is a maintenance package?


If you are reading this post, you have certainly asked yourself this question, “Do I need a maintenance package for my website?

All web applications are subject to updates that can vary from security, plugins, themes or updates to the CMS itself and so on. It must be said that if you are not an expert these procedures can be difficult or dangerous for your website.

Why choose a maintenance package?

I will give you some examples to understand why it is important to have a maintenance package even if a basic one.

Example 1. You have just received your new website and can’t wait to try and customize it, nothing wrong, but what if you accidentally press or do something and the website stops working?

Example 2. Update plugins or themes that have not been tested with your version of the CMS or are not compatible.

Example 3. A website being online can be subject to hacker attacks or simply a hosting malfunction and you are offline.

In case something like this happens, if you have a maintenance package, daily backups are often included, in this case, if for some reason the website stops working, the maintenance service provider can restore everything and reduce the loss of data and downtime to minimum.

In addition to this, many maintenance packages include the monitoring of your website H24 – 7/7 days and if it is offline, they immediately identify the problem and fix it.

You can check our maintenance package here.

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