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Our Mission

Akuto wants to demonstrate how technology can change people’s lives in any circumstance, professional or playful we are always on your side.
Akuto, like technology, is always moving forward.

Web Design and Entertainment Agency

Based in London

Web Design Solutions

We create your website for your company in order to make your online presence stronger. Our team will take care of your brand and adapt the graphic lines of your logo to the project.

Akuto is a London Web Design Company specialized in SEO, Web & Software Development and Digital Marketing. We do our best to make your digital identity unique, with over 15 years of experience.


We are able to create tailor-made solutions regarding the development of management software, databases, invoicing and stock management. Each company has different needs, thanks to our experience, we can get involved and create the right software for you, respecting your needs and your guidelines. Everything in Cloud, manage your business wherever you are.


Akuto is an innovative interactive digital company that offers products and services with a high technological value, allowing customers to take advantage of their services in a simple and transparent way.

Proud of us.

We are proud of our work. Especially because our team is made up of natural talents, who love their work and face it seriously, eager and happy to work for customers until they reach their goals. 

Our modus operandi is characterized by creativity, technological innovation and strategic thinking. The various experiences gained by Akuto Team have allowed us to create flexible and effective solutions that offer real added value to our customers.

Not just the web, but also Dr.Why

Dr.Why is an interactive quiz game that gives customers in clubs and pubs the opportunity to experience the excitement of TV quizzes.

The fun reaches the highest levels because the teams are constantly fighting against time and against other tables. A speaker leads the match by reading the questions projected on the screens, comments on the results and offers tributes to the best players. You can answer in real time through your smartphone.

Rely on us.

You can choose to rely the entire management of the matches to us. We will organize, promote and conduct the matches with our own equipment.

From our Clients

Our Reviews Average
B&B Almaran
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I got in touch with Akuto to update my website and resolve some SEO issues, I'm very pleased with this company, they have provided me with very professional service.
Giovanni Caligaris
Juno Computers
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I'm very pleased with Alessio's work. He stayed true to his promise and delivered on time. I also like how he kept me updated.
Salvatore Ferlito
Sicily Bus Sharing
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I got in touch with Akuto to improve the SEO of my website for tourism services and the results have been amazing. In the first year after their work, we got over 2000 new customers and reached the top positions on Google. Quick and reliable service. Recommended, excellent company.
Salvo Monaco
Ducati Trapani Club DOC
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I turned to Akuto Enterprise Ltd to renew the Ducati Trapani Club DOC website and I immediately found competent and professional people capable of advising me after exposing my needs. Courtesy and competence are the fundamental pillars of this company, even from a distance! Recommended.
Antonino Sugamele
Studio Legale Sugamele
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Professionalism and competence.

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